Why Cellphone Video Learning?

"Most human behavior is learned by observations" Albert Bandura, Stanford University
Small but frequent prompts can have big influence in behavior "Nudge Theory" Dr. Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize Laureate


Why Cellphone Learning?

People become better at soft skills if they are regularly being reminded.

IITTI Cellphone Learning is that constant reminder.

Each week, a lesson is delivered via email. Subject ranges from empathy, civility, to cultural awareness. Instead of measuring competency like in math and science (how much you know), we measure awareness (how often you get exposed to the message).

Cellphone learning leads to earning one World Civility Index (WCI) point each lesson. There is no limit as to how many lessons a user can take.

Facts about IITTI. It is a standardized test similar to GMAT, TOEFL or SAT, but on soft skills. It is divided into written tests and 5-min mini-tests via cellphone. IITTI went from zero to 15 countries in 3 years.

This page is about the cellphone experience.




What? A 5-min video lesson every week about soft skills such as empathy, resilience, civility, cultural awareness.

How? Every week you earn one (1) point on your personal World Civility Index (WCI) point system.

Where? IITTI sends you an email each week. You can access the lesson right from this email using your laptop or your cellphone.

Why? A digital credential that you can show to HRs, to be distinguished and stand above the competition.

How much? US$5.00 per lesson.

Job-seekers: how to stand above the crowd -- Dr. Joyce Webinar Show

A 15-Minute Webinar Video

Employers are increasingly looking for more than just the hard skills, but the intangible soft skills.

How do I pay?
Method 1. By buying an IITTI cellphone subscription card from your trainer, if you have one.
Method 2. By PayPal. You can pay once you registered and logged in into your account.


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Hard skills are not enough anymore!



Human Resources (HRs)

What? A global standard measurement in soft skills such as empathy, civility, business etiquette, cultural awareness.

How? Ask job-applicants for their personal World Civility Index (WCI) so you can compare between candidates. Everything else being equal, the one with a higher WCI indicates more awareness in soft skills.

Where? Right on the CVs, before you need to ask the candidates to come in for an interview!

Why? Allows you to save time in interviewing the wrong people who have no awareness of soft skills.

What else besides saving time?

In the bigger picture, your company's brand used to just depend on the products and services, but in today's social media world, your company's brand depends on the company culture; as every employee could have their own Facebook account and talk about your company. A solid culture is based on good soft skills, so building a measurable soft skills standard such as the IITTI World Civility Index can change the fortune of your company!

What does earning World Civility Index points mean? It means the person took the initiative to show that she is a continuous learner, and she has taken the first step to better herself about soft skills.

It also shows patience, as IITTI cellphone learning is delivered on a weekly basis. Each weekly IITTI cellphone lesson earns one (1) point. It cannot be rushed, it cannot be "binge learned"!


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Why Intangibles Matter?



25 Sample Videos

Each cellphone lesson has one video and one multiple-choice question.





Be a Thought Leader

Before IITTI, there was no easy way for job-seekers to show soft skill credentials, so human resource professionals (HRs) can't really demand anything. But now with IITTI, the situation is changed. You need to create awareness among HRs!

Solution: Set up seminars targeting HRs to educate about the benefit of IITTI and cellphone learning.

Why would this work? People listen when you advocate for others. Instead of speaking about 'me', 'me', 'me', speak about the IITTI movement!

Why? This is a great way to gain exposure. People perceive you as the leader in the field, as only leaders advocate for the entire industry.

This is how you can become a KOL (key opinion leader)!

Watch this TED Talk:


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How do I use Cellphone Learning as a trainer?