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A new 2022 IITTI Youth Standard


January 7, 2022

A new 2022 IITTI Youth Standard has just been published! The main new item is a summary of what are some of this standard represents:

  1. Cultivation of hobbies
  2. Learning how to talk to people, especially elderly
  3. Learning how to deal with death, boredom,
    anger, and other unpleasant feelings

Students get to earn 'World Civility Index' points after completing reading articles and/or attending classroom lessons.

What good is this IITTI Youth Standard and the World Civility Index?

In the near term, it can be used for employment and school admission purposes, as a proof of soft skills such as social etiquette, empathy, intercultural awareness. This common credentialing is not only useful for companies in raising corporate culture, but also, by extension, useful in improving civility in communities in general, as what companies demand, society will follow.

In the longer term, the World Civility Index will help save humanity from the disruption of computer automation such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data or driverless cars where human labor is no longer needed. This technological wave will make the traditional "currency" of work-for-money less and less relevant.

A new currency using this Index as the standard measurement that is based on qualities such as self-motivation in exploring hobbies, as an example, or empathy of companionship for our elderly will emerge. Instead of people being left out feeling “unemployed”, the future will free humans from mundane, repetitive chores to new, highly "human" activities that people will find meaning, purpose, and happiness.

Thank you to all soft skills trainers around the world who helped create this standard!

What is IITTI World Civility Index?

IITTI helps companies in finding new employees with good soft skills (good people skills), using a standard measurement called 'World Civility Index'.

This Index is somewhat similar to credit rating, but instead of measuring how well a person can pay their bills, it measures a person's manners! Qualities like business etiquette, empathy, intercultural awareness.

The concept is that job-seekers can get the credential based on the World Civility Index, as proof, to show to employers EVERYWHERE!

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