Why HR and job-applicants need World Civility Index

Proof 1 Degrees are not enough. Companies look for soft skills.

Proof 2 Examples of companies/HRs

Proof 2a Examples of companies/HRs

Proof 2b Examples of companies/HRs

Proof 3 United Nations, Google



Examples of Companies, Schools, Governments

Example 1 University in Ecuador, South America

Example 2 Multinational Company in S.E.Asia

Example 3 NGO in U.K. for Africa

Example 4 The S.E. Asia Ministers of Education Organization(SEAMEO)

Example 5 Petro-chemical Company in Thailand

Example 6 Malaysia Government

Example 7 Professional Trainer Body (AICI or Association of Image Consultants International)

Example 8 Hotel in Malaysia

Example 9 Bank in Philippines