Citizens of the World, Youth exams, and their respective cellphone learning are offered only in selected countries at the moment.


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World Civility Index (WCI)

What is it?

A single number to show how much soft skills awareness a person has

Here is how it works:
Test Certificate Test Fee WCI points
Business Level 1 "Basic" US$150 50
Business Level 2 "Intermediate" US$350 50
Business Level 3 "Advanced" US$2,500 50
Cellphone Learning (for business) US$5 1 (each lesson)
Citizens of the World (for tourists)* US$150 20
Cellphone Learning (for tourists)* US$5 1 (each lesson)
Youth* US$150 20
Cellphone Learning (for youth)* US$5 1 (each lesson)
* Offered in selected countries only.