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Recruiter uses IITTI to link employers and job-seekers in Peru

Jan 10, 2016

How would job-seekers know what to expect from employers, and how would HR justify dress code and office behaviour?

The missing link in improving soft skills was that there was no standard measurement.

The IITTI certification now changes all this with a set of global standard so that everyone knows what to expect.

Case in point is Aptitus, an online recruiter, part of the El Comercio group of journalists and news media in Peru.
Aptitus linking employers and job-seekers in Peru Aptitus of Peru on "How to manage my professional image to get promoted?"

As part of the campaign to educate both job-seekers and HRs, Aptitus interviewed Vanessa Simonetti of Imagen Personal & Profesional of Lima, Peru, and had done a two-part series in Spanish at:

There was also another article in the magazine of the newspaper El Comercio named Orientación Vocacional for helping young people looking for a job. Hi-def version

To get the full story, contact Vanessa Simonetti at . Vanessa Simonetti

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