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Salt & Light Ventures Philippines adopting IITTI

Mar 20, 2017

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Building company brand is about building company culture. And it starts from the best practise in soft skills. But a big problem with multinationals is: what is the assessment standard for soft skills training? Worry not! Carolina Tan of Enhance Your Image Consultancy, in partnership with Salt & Light Ventures of the Philippines, has adopted the international soft skills standard IITTI exam certification as well as the Rocktell Open Interview Videos, which is now a standardized component of the IITTI exam, as part of public workshops offering.

Salt & Light Ventures is one of the most established professional management training company with offices in the Philippines.

IITTI is the standards organization for soft skills certification.

Rocktell helps job-seekers in creating a true-self "resume video". It is used as part of IITTI certification requirements.

For more information, visit: Salt & Light's Facebook media release