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Employer branding for 4- and 5-Star hotels in Vancouver through IITTI

Mar 10, 2017

Patrick Chun, executive director of IITTI, talks to the Vancouver HR Director Association today about how the many aspects of the IITTI certification can improve employer branding.

Insight: most HRs still look at resumes the old-fashion way; by hand! But IITTI introduced "resume video" since the beginning of 2017 where this kind of videos can save LOTS of time!

IITTI calls it "Rocktell Open Interview Video" where a job-seeker will answer an unseen, open-ended, "wacky" question while being video-taped. The idea is to capture the "true self" of the job-seeker so that HR can pre-screen before actually inviting the person to come in for a physical interview.

How wacky can the question get?

Here is a sample:

If you were a cucumber in a bowl of lettuce salad, would you want to be eaten first or last? Why?

IITTI is the standards organization for soft skills certification.

Rocktell helps job-seekers in creating a true-self "resume video". It is used as part of IITTI certification requirements.

For more information about resume videos, visit Rocktell's website at: