Estándar Mundial de Habilidades Blandas

Wear a mask to show respect! Show that you care about those most vulnerable and cannot fend for themselves. To prove it, wear a mask and take a picture! And while you are at it, earn one (1) World Civility Index point as a bonus to show!

IITTI World Civility Index is a soft skills measurement standard, and is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development initiative.

This Index is used by people such as human resources (HRs) in assessing a job-seeker's soft skills such as business etiquette, empathy, and intercultural awareness. It is the passport to your future in terms of employment and school admission.

There are two steps:

Step 1 Aug 14 - Aug 31

Take a picture of yourself wearing a mask in a creative way, with showing the square below on your cellphone. This is your mock-up! Post it on your social media!

This is part of your soft skills training in taking initiative, cultivating patience and exercising your creativity.

Here is a sample photo (the mock-up has no photo):

Where can I post my comment and photo?

1.) LinkedIn: IITTI World Civility Index
(LinkedIn website /feed/update/urn:li:activity:6698456205037314048/)

2.) Facebook: IITTI World Civility Index
(Facebook website /IITTIorg/posts/3427330903997550)

3.) Anywhere else (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) you want!

Step 2 Sep 1 - Sep 30

We will launch a new IITTI mobile app where you can scan a QR code to earn one (1) real World Civility Index point! Plus a bit of surprise...if you did a good job in Step 1! (Yes, surprise and fun are part of soft skills! It is trainable!)

Here is a sample photo (the real one has a photo):

Photo courtesy of WTO

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