Highlight of What People are Saying

Kimberlee LoCicero

● Former Director of Human Resources, Canada Region, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
● Former Director of People Innovation & Education, Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts

Jan 28, 2015

"So interesting and a long time missing this type of resource and measurement tool in Canada. It's fantastic!"


Yvette Weekes

● MSc.(HRM); BSc.(Hons.); Professor
● Former General Manager Human Resources, Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation
● Former Manager Human Resources, Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority

Dec 17, 2014

"I have continually been impressed by the certification system of IITTI.

As a human resource practitioner of over twenty years, I recognize that IITTI's global certification system offers a solid foundation in corporate image and etiquette standard. This standard has been so relevant for me in recruitment, performance management and employee retention.

Therefore, I encourage my fellow HR professionals to seriously consider using IITTI's certification system as a measure of verbal and non-verbal communication skills. "


What Research Says


(Reference: 85% success research results was conducted over a 20-year period provided by the Carnegie Institute, Stanford University School of Business and Harvard Business School. Research results also mentioned in Forbes Magazine Apr12,2012, and Aspiring to Leadership: Technical Knowledge vs. People Skills by Dr. Jim Murray, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Canada)


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