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Standards and Guidelines ("S&Gs") - Business

To get a copy of the Business Level 1 S&Gs, you need to apply for it. Please read the Image Consultant Manual below.

English Standards and Guidelines
Jun13, 2015 edition

Español Nivel 1 Normas y Directrices
Jun13, 2015 edition



Standards and Guidelines ("S&Gs") - Citizens of the World

To get a copy of the Citizens of the World S&Gs, leave us your email address..

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Image Consultant Manual

English Image Consultant Manual
Nov 3, 2015 edition

中文繁體 形象顧問指南手冊
Apr 14, 2015 edition



College and University Guidance Manual

English College and University Guidance Manual
Jun 30, 2014 edition

Español Manual de Orientación para Universidades
Jun 30, 2014 edition

中文繁體 大學院校指南手冊
Jun 30, 2014 edition



Role and Responsibilities - Associates

If you want to volunteer to help promote IITTI, join us as an Associate (no, you don't need to be an Associate to use or sell IITTI exam).

English Role and Responsibilities - Associates
Jan 10, 2017 edition

Español Role & Responsabilidades de los Asociados
Jan 10, 2017 edition



Third-Party Resources for Trainers

IITTI does not endorse or guarantee the quality or suitability of third-party resources.

  Kimberly Law, AICI CIP
"Incorporating the IITTI standard into your training instantly adds credibility to your training curriculum!"

1.) Study Guides for IITTI Level 1 Exam


2.) Online courses for IITTI Level 1 Exam
All photos supplied by Kimberly Law, Personal Impact, Vancouver, Canada

Dressing to Win in the Corporate Arena (Study Guide included)

Business Etiquette for Job Seekers and Promotion Seekers (Study Guide included)

Everyday Dining Etiquette (Study Guide included)

3.) IITTI train-the-trainer / mentorship program

Trainer/Mentorship Program

4.) IITTI Corporate Trainers Tool Kit

Corporate Trainers Tool Kit


  Vanessa Simonetti, AICI CIC

Facebook "IITTI en Perú" discussion group in Spanish

IITTI on Facebook IITTI en Perú Photo courtesy of Vanessa Simonetti Imagen Personal & Profesional, Lima, Peru


  Lilian Bustamante, AICI CIP

IITTI 100-Hour Train-the-Trainer in Chile

Training Brochure (Spanish)
Photo courtesy of Desarrollo Profesional e Imagen Personal, Santiago, Chile



國際禮儀培訓師認證(ISSTA) 專注 IITTI 培訓師的許可考試。 一旦培訓師被授予此許可證,他/她就可被稱為“執照 IITTI 培訓師”。只有執照 IITTI 培訓師才能讓他/她的學生參加國際 IITTI 考試。 (大中華區2018年開始。)